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Having Trouble Carrying Heavy Items? Our Back Doctor in Houston TX Can Help

Many of the patients seen by our back doctor in Houston TX experienced back pain when they lifted or carried heavy loads. This can be a real inconvenience during your everyday life, and especially if you are the caretaker of younger children. Your inability to pick them up compromises your relationship with them as well as your ability to attend to their needs. It is also difficult when working on a job, as you won’t be able to lift or move objects as needed, which could be an important part of your job.

If you’ve been suffering from back pain when lifting or moving objects, you need to make an appointment with our clinic. We offer a variety of treatment options that could help heal your back and allow you to regain the strength that you’ve lost. Those treatment options may include medication, massage, physical therapy, or even laser spine surgery. No matter what our doctors prescribe for your back pain, though, you’ll know you are getting the best care available.

Call and make an appointment with our team today. You can also use the form on our website to get in touch with us. We want to help you get back your freedom of movement and the ability to lift and move objects in your everyday life. Imagine being able to move without the fear of your back hurting! That’s what we’re doing every day for patients in our office, and we’re ready to do it for you, too. Get in touch with us soon!

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Tips From Our Back Doctor in Houston TX About Avoiding Back Pain During Your Summer Road Trip

Summer is a popular time for many families to take a road trip. Maybe you are on your way to see grandma, or view some of the incredible sites this country has to offer. Wherever you are headed, a long road trip can be a nightmare for a back pain sufferer. You know that the long hours in the care can inflame your back and cause pain, making it difficult to enjoy this special time with your family. You don’t have to skip the trip, though! Put these tips from our back doctor in Houston TX into practice and make this trip as comfortable as possible:

  • Empty your pockets. Don’t sit on your wallet or cell phone while riding or driving. This can cause you to sit with your back and hips out of alignment and become a  major pain later on.

  • Add lower back support. Roll up a towel or bring a small pillow to place between your lower back and the car seat in order to give yourself more lumbar support.

  • Move around. Don’t stay in one position for more than 20 minutes. Switch up your position by adjusting your seat.

  • Pack heat…and ice. Bring an ice pack and a hot water bottle to alternate on your back if you start to experience pain.

  • Stretch during frequent breaks. Take time to stop along the way and get out of the car to walk around and stretch. You may arrive a little later at your destination, but you’ll be in better shape to enjoy it once you get there.

If you continue to experience back pain problems when you get home from your trip, make an appointment with our doctor in Houston TX. We’ll help you get relief from back pain so you can start planning the next road trip right away!

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Our Back Doctor in Houston TX Is Ready to Help With Your Scoliosis

For most people, their backbone runs straight down their back, supporting their body and protecting the nerves that run through the spinal cord. For about 2% of the population, their backbone has a lateral curve to it, and this is known as scoliosis. Most people who are diagnosed with scoliosis won’t require much medical intervention aside from observation. If you’ve been diagnosed, you’ll want to stay under the close observation of a medical professional who can chart the curvature of your spine and ensure that it doesn’t suddenly or dramatically increase. If you have a severe case of scoliosis, you may need to visit our back doctor in Houston TX. 

Our doctors work with scoliosis patients every day. When you come in for treatment, they’ll evaluate the severity of the curvature in your spine, and will be able to recommend a treatment plan based on their findings. That treatment may include a back brace that will prevent the curve from developing more. It may also include a surgical solution, such as spinal fusion surgery that will help straighten the spine as will as stabilize it. Our doctors will take time to find the right solution for you.

Make an appointment with us today. We love working with patients to help them overcome back issues so they can get back to enjoying their life. Scoliosis can be an embarrassing and painful problem, and we are looking forward to helping you find the solutions that you need. You can make an appointment with our back doctor in Houston TX by giving us a call or requesting an appointment through our website. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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If Back Pain is Pulling You From Your Game, Our Back Doctor in Houston TX Can Help

Back pain really can happen to anyone, even the strongest major athletes. That’s been proven by the news recently that Tiger Woods would be withdrawing from the Bridgestone Invitational. After completing 8 holes, Woods started having spasms of pain that prevented him from completing the tournament. This situation isn’t unique, though. Millions of Americans know the pain that Woods is currently experiencing, because they’ve struggled with it themselves. If you’ve had to withdraw from your favorite activities because of back pain, you need to make an appointment with our back doctor in Houston TX.

Our back doctor has treated thousands of people in the Houston TX area and beyond. You don’t have to give up participating in your favorite activities because of back pain, and no matter what kind of back issue you are dealing with, our doctor can help you find the solutions you need to get back in the game. That might include massage, medication, or surgery. No matter what you need, we can handle it in our clinic and get you the help that you need in order to start feeling better.

We make it convenient to get the help you need for your back pain. We have appointment times available within the next 24 hours so you can get in to see a doctor right away. We also make sure we keep our treatment methods affordable, and accept a variety of payment options so you can get the treatments you need. Get back in the game with our help, and make your appointment today!

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When to Seek Back Pain Treatment in Houston TX

Many people experience back pain, and most of these injuries can heal themselves with enough rest, exercise, and maybe a few days of over-the-counter pain relievers. Some injuries require help, though, and it can be hard to know when to give it time and when you should seek back pain treatment in Houston TX. Unfortunately, allowing some injuries to go without treatment can result in long-term damage that you end up dealing with for the rest of your life. Here is when you need to make an appointment with our doctors right away:

  • Your pain lasts more than three days. Most back injuries take care of themselves within 48 hours. If your pain hasn’t gone away by the third day, make an appointment with us.

  • You’ve experienced physical trauma due to a car accident, a fall, lifting a heavy object, or any other kind of accident or sudden injury. Seeing a doctor within 24 hours of your injury is best.

  • Your pain gets worse. If you’ve noticed an increase in the amount of pain you are experiencing, that could be a sign that things are getting worse in your back, not better, and you need medical attention.

  • Any symptom of neurological deficiency. That might include numbness in your extremities or an inability to control your bladder or bowel. These are very serious symptoms and you should see a doctor right away.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, give us a call. We’ll make an appointment for you to see a doctor within the next 24 hours so you can start healing from your back pain and start feeling better. Get in touch with us today!

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Back Pain Management 101

People with chronic back pain may have already tried an array of non-invasive pain management methods to dull the ache, including exercise, medications, physical therapy, hot and cold packs and other techniques. But many don’t know about three innovative non-surgical procedures that can radically increase the odds of longer-term relief, according to pain management specialist Brian A. Bannister, MD, of Atlantic Spine Center.  With back pain affecting 80% of adults at some point in their lives, learning about this trio of procedures should be considered Back Pain Management 101, along with all the other conservative treatments used to keep up an active lifestyle in the midst of recurring back pain.

“Many people with lower back pain are aware how common the problem is, but don’t think to visit a health care provider who specifically treats patients dealing with it every day,” says Dr. Bannister. “That needs to change if they’re to avail themselves of the widest possible array of non-invasive treatments that might help them live their lives normally again, painlessly.”

Three effective back pain management procedures

What are these non-surgical procedures? Dr. Bannister explains:

  • Epidural steroid injections: These injections deliver a long-lasting steroid and a local anesthetic into the epidural space in the spinal cord. The steroid cuts inflammation and irritation of the nerves and the anesthetic interrupts the transmission of pain signals. Epidural steroid injections are commonly used for many causes of back pain, including radiculitis (pain that radiates from an irritated spinal nerve root); compressed nerves in the neck or lower spine; degenerative disc disease; spinal stenosis; herniated discs; and sciatica.
  • Radiofrequency nerve ablation: Also known as radiofrequency lesioning or neurotomy, this treatment uses a specialized device to block nerve signals in affected spinal areas, with relief lasting 3 to 18 months. Fluoroscopic x-rays allow the accurate placement of a special heated probe next to affected nerves. Radiofrequency nerve ablation is used to treat spinal arthritis; stenosis; facet arthritis; whiplash; and sprains and strains.
  • Spinal cord stimulator: This procedure inserts electrical wires into the spinal canal to stimulate the spinal cord, producing electrical impulses that interfere with pain signal transmission to the brain. Painful spinal cord stimulation is then replaced with a more pleasant tingling sensation in areas where pain is usually felt. Spinal cord stimulation is done on patients whose previous spine surgery failed, or have severe nerve-related pain or numbness, or have neuropathic pain and surgery is not an option.

Tips and advantages to non-surgical procedures

All treatments have pros and cons, but this trio of non-surgical back pain management techniques boasts an impressive list of advantages, according to Dr. Bannister. Not only are they minimally invasive, but they require minimal or no blood loss, reduce the reliance on pain medications, and don’t involve removal of muscle or bone.

An additional benefit really stands out: The pain relief these procedures provide can help confirm a patient’s specific diagnosis – the initial cause of their back pain. Pinpointing the diagnosis can then help doctors decide what may eradicate the pain permanently.

“Many of these procedures take less than an hour to complete, and patients can go right back to work or other activities,” Dr. Bannister says. “From a quality of life aspect, these treatments are great. I’m hoping more chronic back pain sufferers learn more about them in order to take advantage of these benefits and get back to doing their favorite things without nagging pain.”

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