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What is Osteoporosis?

By now I am sure that most people have at least heard of osteoporosis. The commercials on TV let you know that there are medications to combat the effects of osteoporosis. That is all fine, but do you understand what osteoporosis is and how it can affect your life? People who suffer from osteoporosis often seek help from a back doctor in Houston, Texas due to abnormal back pain.

Osteoporosis means “porous bone” and basically means that bone mass has reached a critically low level. It is a disease that affects any of the bones in the body. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation this disease affects about 54 million Americans. The majority of people who suffer from osteoporosis are over the age of 50. It affects more women more often than their male counterparts. Many factors can lead to low bone density and eventually osteoporosis; gender, age, body size, ethnicity, family history, hormone levels, vitamin D and calcium levels, activity level, and more.

Decreased bone density can lead to bones of the body fracturing much easier. Unfortunately that means that when osteoporotic bones fracture they will do so more often at weight bearing locations; spine or hip. Fractures of osteoporotic bones are much more complicated and serious than normal fractures. These will cause severe pain and healing difficulties. All bones that are affected by osteoporosis can fracture.

Osteoporosis can also affect a person’s mobility and change the way that the live their lives. Brittle bones and the risk of fracture can lead those affected to become isolated and withdrawn.

Overall, this is a much more serious disease than people realize. The physicians at Advanced Spine Institute deal with many osteoporotic patients. Your life can be significantly improved with the proper treatment and management protocols. Call today for an appointment.

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