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Why Fall is a Great Time for Laser Spine Surgery in Houston TX

Summer is a busy time of year! There are BBQs to go to, vacations to take, and lots of fun-in-the-sun you don’t want to miss out on. Maybe those worries about your back pain were pushed to the back of your mind so you could enjoy your summer, but they are back and rearing their ugly heads now that the weather is cooling off and the pace of your life is slowing down. That’s what makes autumn a great time of year to learn more about our laser spine surgery in Houston TX

Fall is a popular time of year for our laser spine surgery procedure in our Houston TX clinic. Many of our patients know that fall will be less busy for them, so scheduling a surgery is easier once the kids are back in school. In part it is because people with health care savings accounts need to use that money or lose it after the new year. Plus, those who undergo their surgery now are in great shape to enjoy the holiday season!

Whatever your reasons, now is time to get the help that you need in order to eliminate back pain from your life. Our laser spine surgery is minimally invasive, and requires very little recovery time. You could be feeling better very soon, and the sooner you give us a call the sooner we’ll be able to start helping you. Call us know and make your appointment with our medical team! We can’t wait to help you live pain free.

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Could Massage Be an Alternative to Laser Spine Surgery in Houston TX?

When you are suffering from back pain, you’ll try almost anything to find relief. One treatment that many people find effective for chronic back pain is massage. When combined with other treatment methods like our laser spine surgery in Houston TX, patients who received massage reported better recovery, less pain, and increased range of motion when compared to patients who did not receive massage. So not only does massage make you feel better, it could be helping you heal.

We often prescribe a regimen of massage to patients who come and visit our clinic for help with their chronic back pain. We aren’t a one-treatment-fits-all clinic! We take time to get to know our patients, their lifestyle, and their goals for their back pain treatment in order to develop a total-care treatment plan for them. Each plan is individualized, and it might contain medication, massage, or laser spine surgery in our Houston TX clinic. No matter what your plan entails, you can trust that it has been well thought out by compassionate doctors who genuinely care about your recovery.

Want to find out what treatment plan our doctors would prescribe for your back pain? Make an appointment with us today for a free consultation. We’ll discuss with you possible treatment options, and give you all the information you need on them. You’ll leave our office feeling well informed about the choices you have to eliminate your back pain and experience life pain free! Give us a call or use the form on our website to request an appointment. We’re looking forward to meeting with you soon!

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Joint Commission Accreditation

Contact: (Colin Vadheim, CEO)







(RICHMOND, TX) (CAST SURGICAL) today announced that it has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Ambulatory Health Care Accreditation by demonstrating continuous compliance with its nationally-recognized standards. The Gold Seal of Approval® is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to providing safe and effective patient care.

(Name of organization) underwent a rigorous, unannounced on-site survey in (month/date). During the survey, a team of Joint Commission expert surveyors evaluated compliance with ambulatory care standards related to a variety of areas, including coordination of care, monitoring for procedures that involve use of sedation or anesthesia, infection prevention and control, management of medications, and patient education and training.

Established in 1975, The Joint Commission’s Ambulatory Health Care Accreditation program encourages high quality patient care in all types of freestanding ambulatory care facilities. An estimated 2,100 organizations currently maintain Ambulatory Health Care Accreditation, awarded for a three-year period.

“Joint Commission accreditation provides ambulatory care organizations with the processes contributing to improvements in a variety of areas from the enhancement of staff education to the demonstration of leading practices within the ambulatory setting,” said Michael Kulczycki, M.B.A., CAE, executive director, Ambulatory Health Care Accreditation program, The Joint Commission. “We commend (name of organization) for its efforts to become a quality improvement organization, and achieving this pinnacle demonstrating a commitment to patient safety and quality.”

“(Name of organization) is pleased to receive accreditation from The Joint Commission, the premier health care quality improvement and accrediting body in the nation,” added (name, title, organization). “Staff from across the organization continue to work together to develop and implement approaches and strategies that have the potential to improve care for the patients in our community.”

The Joint Commission’s ambulatory health care standards are developed in consultation with health care experts and providers, measurement experts, and patients. The standards are informed by scientific literature and expert consensus to help organizations measure, assess and improve performance.

The Joint Commission

Founded in 1951, The Joint Commission seeks to continuously improve health care for the public, in collaboration with other stakeholders, by evaluating health care organizations and inspiring them to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value. The Joint Commission accredits and certifies nearly 21,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States. An independent, nonprofit organization, The Joint Commission is the nation’s oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in health care. Learn more about The Joint Commission at www.jointcommission.org.

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