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Most Common Cervical Spine Conditions

Neck pain is extremely common among Americans. You would be hard pressed to find someone that hadn’t experienced neck pain at one time or another. Why is the instance of neck pain so high? Is it the way we live our lives? Could it be our reliance on technology? Could it be an old injury flaring up, or just simply stress? Yes to all of these! There is no simple, all-encompassing answer to neck and back pain. Individuals who seek out neck and back pain treatment in Houston, TX should stop into Advanced Spine Institute.

Advanced Spine Institute employs some of the finest back specialists in the country. Their approach to diagnosing and treating back and neck pain is second-to-none. These professionals can help you understand that cervical spine pain may be do to something as simple as stress, or something much more complicated.

Most Americans live their lives in front of computer screens. Sitting at a desk all day can really throw off someone’s posture. When an individual has long periods of poor posture, the neck, upper back, and shoulder musculature becomes tight. Tight musculature can lead to immobility and pain. Other times poor posture can aggravate old injuries which can also cause pain, stiffness, and even radiculopathy.

Those who suffer from cervical pain, numbness and tingling, or pain down the arm, may suffer from a cervical disc herniation or cervical stenosis. These injuries can be caused by trauma, overuse, age, disc degeneration, or improper lifting techniques. Treatment of cervical spinal stenosis and cervical disc herniation are more complicated than simple muscular problems.

To get help with neck and back pain treatment in Houston, Texas a specialist needs to be consulted. Advanced Spine Institute handles back and neck pain issues of any magnitude. Our physicians will diagnose, treat, and manage the underlying causes of your cervical spine pain. Make your appointment today!

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