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Facet Joint Syndrome: What You Should Know

Low back pain can stem from many different underlying disorders. Most people seek out back pain treatment in Houston, TX due to chronic, ongoing pain that affects everyday life. Many people have heard about a select few back disorders that can cause pain, stiffness, and immobility such as; herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or degenerative disc disease. Facet Joint Syndrome is a disorder that is much more prevalent than people realize.

Facet Joint Syndrome is a disorder that affects the facet joints of the spinal column. Some experts say that it is one of the top three most common causes of back pain. Facet Joint Syndrome occurs when the thin lining on the joints (cartilage) is broken down over time, by repetitive motion, or injury. Once the cartilage is gone the bones that make up the facet joint begin to rub against each other. This will cause inflammation, pain, and immobility. Thankfully, Facet Joint Syndrome rarely involves the nerve s of the spinal column so you will not feel the numbness and tingling down into your legs.

Most individuals who are affected by Facet Joint Syndrome seek our back pain treatment in Houston, Texas because they think they have a herniated disc or a fracture. A few of the signs of Facet Joint Syndrome are;  extreme tenderness over one or more locations on the spine, immobility, discomfort with flexion or extension, and  pain with rotation at the waist. The symptoms of Facet Joint Syndrome can be decreased with anti inflammatory medication and proper physical therapy.

If you are suffering from chronic or unpredictable back pain, it may be time to seek out a qualified medical professional. The physicians at Advanced Spine Institute will use the latest technology and their years of experience to diagnose and treat your back pain. Stop living in constant pain.

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