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We Offer Options for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Houston TX

When it comes to finding back pain relief, you have options. Don’t let someone tell you that one particular method or surgery is your only available course of action–make sure you get a second opinion from the Advanced Spine Institute first. We offer minimally invasive spine surgery in Houston TX to our patients that offer better results and less down time than other options you might have been given. Before making a decision about your care, visit us first.

Start by taking a look at our website, where you can see informational videos of our minimally invasive spine surgery options available in our Houston TX location. You can even print a brochure on these procedures right from our website. Once you’ve educated yourself on some of the options we have for our patients, give us a call and make an appointment. Our doctors will work with you to determine what procedure is right for you, based on your back issue, current health, and the goals you have for your recovery.

We don’t automatically recommend surgery to all of our patients; we make sure that the treatment course recommended is right for them, and that may or may not include surgery. But if it does, you can count on our team to take good care of you every step of the way, from your first appointment, through surgery, and to your final follow up appointment. We care about making the right choices with our patients to help them live healthy, active lives. Find out for yourself if our minimally invasive spine surgery in Houston TX is right for you!

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