Our mission

is to bring to the medical
community superior and
innovative solutions that
provide unique value,
both clinically and

Who we are

CAST is a US-based, global medical device company that designs, develops, manufactures and distributes laparoscopic surgery access tools to allow precision, mitigate risk, and standardize efficient timely access.

We strive for

Simplicity and innovation at the heart of CAST Surgical

The complex made simple: easy to use access tools for laparoscopic surgeons

Risk mitigation for safe and efficient laparoscopic success

30 years of progress in Laparoscopy; yet initial access remains manual and unsophisticated: a novel technology to solve an un-addressed, unmet need

Physicians’ satisfaction and patient care are our top priorities

We partner with surgeons to bring physician-driven technologies that ultimately: benefit patients

Passionate team makes a difference

A committed team with a great passion to go the extra mile: a technology with a heart

Clinical & Scientific Advisory Board

CAST has assembled a world class board

We targeted four surgery sub-specialties.
Current team is as follows:

OB-GYN/Transformational Medicine: Ricardo Azziz MD, MPH, MBA, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Trauma/Emergency Medicine:
Ricardo Martinez
MD, FACEP, Emory School of Medicine, Atlanta

General/Abdominal Surgery:
Anthony Gonzalez
MD, FACS, Miami Baptist Medical Center

Endoscopy/Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery:

Andreas Thurkow

MD, RDMA, Bergman Clinics, Amsterdam

General/Robotic Surgery:

Pat Luke

MD, FACS, Northside Hospital, Atlanta

Senior Science Advisor:
Dr. Michael Grunze
PhD, Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg, Germany

The Clinical & Scientific Advisory Board is the cornerstone for information, feedback, clinical analysis and development.